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. 02 nights accommodation @ Kuala Lumpur

. 02 nights accommodation @ Penang

. 04 Breakfast at Hotel Penang City tour

• Penang Day Luxury Cruise with Meals

• KUL Half Day City Tour + KL Tower

• GEN - 02 ways cable car / Batu Caves stop

• Putrajaya visit

• Transfer (KL Apt / Pen Bus Stn / Pen Bus Stn / Kul TBS/Kul / KL Apt)

• All Transfers and Tours on Private Basis - Car with English Speaking Driver Cum Guide

Cruise Party,

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Upcoming Tours

Siddhartha Voyages is a reliable companion with 25 + years of expertise on tourism Industry, travelled and explored 80 + countries and all the corners of India to cater our clients exact need as per their dreams. We have direct contracts with European DMC's, African DMCs, Asian DMC's, multiple islands, international cruises.


Step into a realm of unforgettable adventures, where your travel aspirations materialize.
Siddhartha Voyage serves as your comprehensive hub for Domestic, International, and Inbound
tours. Whether you're in pursuit of exhilarating expeditions, serene coastal getaways, or culturally
immersive journeys, we are here to fulfill your desires. Leveraging our expertise, we are poised to
transform your wanderlust into tangible experiences.

Our diverse portfolio offers a comprehensive spectrum of travel experiences, spanning
educational tours to transcendent international odysseys. This comprehensive array ensures
that, whether you are a student, a professional, or an adventure enthusiast, we possess the
capacity to craft journeys tailored meticulously to your unique preferences, thus imparting a
touch of exclusivity to your travels.

At the heart of our approach is an unwavering commitment to quality, comfort, and safety. Each
facet of your journey is meticulously considered, from the meticulous selection of
accommodations to the execution of precise travel arrangements. A robust safety protocol
underpins our operational approach to ensure your wellbeing and security at every juncture of
your expedition.

Your trust in Siddhartha Voyage extends beyond mere logistics; it reflects a philosophical
commitment to a customer-centric model. We perceive our role not merely as a service provider
but as dedicated travel companions on your odyssey. Our custodial approach transcends mere
transaction; it is a journey we undertake alongside you, ensuring your experience surpasses your

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